Thank you for your interest in our Fundraiser program!!!

We are pleased to introduce to you hand poured, richly scented, soy wax candles made in Barnesville Georgia through a fund raising program for your local school or organization. When you have had enough of the candy and high priced gift wrap, consider a USA product of warmth and country cheer. From fresh fruity scents to decadent warm kitchen aromas, a BuggyTown Candle fundraiser is perfect no matter what the season! Candles are no longer just for special occasions, they can make everyday, every home and every office special to the senses.

Our fundraiser candles are the same high quality soy wax candles that we wholesale and retail. Your Organization has the potential to make thousands of dollars!

For more information, or to get your organization scheduled, please contact us via email:

We look forward to working with you!

Delivery of your fundraiser is your responsibility. You will need to pick up your candles when they are ready or pay shipping/delivery. Just let us know which you will be doing.